Townsville illegal dumping a blight on the city

Richard Dinnen - Queensland Editor |

Stripped out kitchen fittings sit in an untidy pile on a nature strip next to parkland in Townsville.

Not far away, plastic bags full of belongings spew out of a large cardboard carton dumped next to bushland.

Kerbsides, natural areas, and road reserves are the three top areas where locals are dumping their furniture, household and green waste.

Every month, Townsville City Council gets more than 50 reports of illegal rubbish and waste dumping across the city.

Townsville Water and Waste Committee chairperson Russ Cook said it’s got to stop.

“Council receives a constant stream of calls and notifications for illegal dumping in bushland, parklands and roadside areas across Townsville.

“This behaviour goes against our community standards and will not be tolerated.

 “Illegal dumping in Townsville carries a $2300 fine and we have dedicated officers who work to make sure offenders are caught. There’s no excuse for illegal dumping.”

Community Health Committee chair, Maurie Soars, said illegal dumpers put the environment at risk.

“It is a blight on our city, and it causes serious ramifications for the amenity of our city, and for the health of our ecosystem.

“Waste that is illegally dumped can end up in our waterways, become fire hazards, and provide a home for vermin, which in turn can attract snakes to the area.

“No matter how you spin it, there are no positives for illegal dumping. Do the right thing and throw your waste in your residential bin or take it to a transfer station.”