Bennett backs Trai Fuller for Dolphins regular NRL gig

Joel Gould |

Dolphins fullback Trai Fuller has been backed by Wayne Bennett to play regular NRL for the club.
Dolphins fullback Trai Fuller has been backed by Wayne Bennett to play regular NRL for the club.

Wayne Bennett insists dynamic Dolphins fullback Trai Fuller will play regular NRL in the future and the 27-year-old’s manager says he wants to do it at the club where he has been given his top-flight debut.

Fuller, who will play No.1 against Newcastle on Sunday at Suncorp Stadium, is on a full-time train-and-trial contract with the Dolphins.

He is not a top-30 player and is signed to the Redcliffe Dolphins in the Queensland Cup where he was the player of the competition last year after shining for several seasons.

With Queensland representative Hamiso Tabuai-Fidow on the injured list, Fuller played his second NRL game last week and was man of the match in the 44-16 win over Parramatta where he scored a try, had a hand in several others and showed great courage, toughness and skill. 

Bennett said Fuller could “absolutely” carve out an NRL career as a late bloomer.

“We think he is a player with a great future and there is an opportunity for him here to play first grade on a regular basis,” Bennett said.

“Trai Fuller has come into the team and is quite dynamic.

“That is how he is and what you are going to see every time you see him play. That is all I have ever seen him do at state-league level. He has got wonderful attributes and is a very courageous player.

“He has got instinct and a good feel for the game. No-one gives him instructions about where to be. He just knows where to be.”

Fuller’s manager Dallas Waters said his client was right at home at the Dolphins and hoped to secure an NRL deal.

“The intention is to obviously get him a top-30 gig and secure a few years at the Dolphins,” Waters told AAP.

“I know Wayne is of the opinion that he would like Trai to be the next person in line for that No.1 position. 

“He has had opportunities elsewhere but has chosen to stay at the Dolphins. He loves the club and his partner had a little baby a few months back so they are quite settled.”

Waters said Fuller was determined to shine during his window of opportunity at No.1 and talks of an NRL deal would take care of itself.

“I was speaking to Trai yesterday and his mindset is focusing on the game against the Knights, but those conversations will come if he keeps knocking down the door for a spot,” Waters said

“He has worked hard to get his body right and that is what has happened with his train-and-trial gig where he is around the boys full-time.

“Trai sums it up well. He just loves playing footy and will back himself no matter what, all while fitting in to Wayne’s game plan and structures. He is 27 and I believe he can play for a number of years for the Dolphins.”