Mostly warm Christmas with some extremes

Dominic Giannini |

Most Australian capitals are in for a warm and partly cloudy Christmas with a chance of a shower in Sydney, Melbourne and Canberra. 

Sydney can expect a maximum of 30C and a warm night with a minimum of 21C, while Melburnians will be able to enjoy a moderate high of 20C before temperatures drop to 13C.

Those still left in the nation’s capital for Christmas will experience tops of 30C, although there is a 50 per cent chance of showers and the possibility of an evening thunderstorm for Canberra.

Adelaide and Hobart will be partly cloudy with highs of 27C and 21C respectively, and both will drop to 15C overnight. 

Brisbane is in for wet Christmas with 8mm-20mm of rain and a potential thunderstorm expected.

The Queensland capital also has a predicted high of 27C, and low of 22C.

Meanwhile, Darwin can expect a maximum of 31C and between 20-80mm of rain, with signs of a tropical cyclone forming to the north.

Bureau of Meteorology forecaster Billy Lynch said there’s a low chance of the cyclone developing on Christmas Day and a moderate chance of it developing on Boxing Day.

Perth is in for a scorching Christmas with an expected maximum of 43C.