Teen admits role in attack on rugby star Kefu’s family

Rex Martinich |

A teenage boy has pleaded guilty to taking part in an armed home invasion that resulted in Wallabies star Toutai Kefu and three members of his family being stabbed.

The youth faced Brisbane Children’s Court on Wednesday for arraignment on seven charges committed when he was aged 13 including a home burglary and car theft on the same early morning as the home invasion on August 16, 2021.

Mr Kefu, a former Australian rugby international, suffered critical wounds to his abdomen while trying to defend his family.

His wife Rachel was hospitalised for weeks with a serious injury to her arm while their son Josh and daughter Maddi were also stabbed in the attack that involved knives and a sickle-shaped blade.

Mr Kefu told the media four days after the attack that his family had suffered “graphic” injuries and his wife’s arm had been cut so deep the blade hit bone.

“At times you just, you know, there’s outbursts of crying,” Mr Kefu said at the time.

The court on Wednesday heard that the youth and three co-accused broke into a house at Forest Lake in Brisbane’s southwest and stole a handbag, car keys, bank and ID cards, a bottle of alcohol and an iPhone.

They also stole a car from the house and drove it to the inner-Brisbane suburb of Coorparoo, where the youth looked for another vehicle to steal.

The youth stayed inside the car while two co-offenders allegedly entered the Kefu family’s home while armed with at least two bladed weapons which were used to threaten or strike or stab the occupants.

He pleaded guilty on Wednesday to all counts including burglary, stealing and unlawful use of a motor vehicle to facilitate the commission of an indictable offence in relation to the Forest Lakes incident.

The youth also pleaded guilty to one count of burglary by breaking and entering at night and in company while armed, two counts of intentionally causing grievous bodily harm and two counts of unlawful wounding with intent to cause grievous bodily harm.

After being charged and convicted, the youth declined when asked if he wanted to say anything as to why a sentence should not be passed upon him.

Judge Deborah Richards adjourned the sentencing until February 22, 2024, so that the prosecution could obtain a pre-sentence report.

Two juvenile co-accused have pleaded guilty to charges relating to their roles in the burglaries and home invasion, and two co-accused adults are due to stand trial in Brisbane Supreme Court next year.