Stun grenade lost by police in suburban street in Qld

Marty Silk |

A stun grenade that could injure someone if mishandled is missing in a suburban street four days after a fatal siege in north Queensland.

Police realised they had lost the device after an audit of specialist police gear used in a nearly 10-hour siege that ended with the discovery of an armed man’s body in the Townsville suburb of Kirwan on Monday.

Officers searched the street for the grenade but couldn’t find it, so they’ve asked the public to help.

“The device is not a lethal device but has the capacity to cause injury to a person in close proximity if the device is handled incorrectly,” they said in a statement.

“Members of the public who have information about the location of this device may not know the significance of such a piece of equipment and are urged not to tamper with it and call police immediately.”

Police said they would also review how the device was lost during the siege, which started after a man fired several shots at nearby houses, a car and police vehicles on Sunday night.

The shots left bullet holes in windscreens and panels of five vehicles that investigators believe officers were in when the gun was fired.

Police have not detailed what sort of weapon was used and have confirmed officers did not fire back.

The emergency order was revoked at 6.45am after police entered the home and found a 50-year-old man dead.

No one else was injured.