Above average cyclone season coming for Queensland

Richard Dinnen - Queensland Editor |

Cyclone Marcia on the Queensland coast in 2015
Cyclone Marcia on the Queensland coast in 2015

The Bureau of Meteorology says Queensland has a 74 per cent chance of an above-average number of cyclones in the coming season.

In its cyclone outlook, published on Tuesday, the BoM said warm sea surface temperatures and the established La Niña create favourable conditions for cyclone formation.

On average, 11 cyclones form in the Australian region each season, with four of them making landfall.

The BoM says there’s a 73 per cent we’ll see more cyclones in the Australian region during the coming season.

In the eastern region, which includes Queensland, there are four cyclones in an average season, with one making landfall.

There’s a 74 per cent chance of more cyclones in the eastern region this season.

In La Niña years, the first cyclone to make landfall on the Australian coast typically occurs earlier than normal, around the middle of December, instead of the usual January.

The BoM said the number of tropical lows that form during La Niña years is typically greater, with an average since 2005 of seven for all years, and 10 for La Niña years.

Tropical lows that do not intensify into cyclones, or lows that are the remnants of older cyclones, can still produce damaging winds, widespread rainfall, and dangerous flooding.

These impacts can extend beyond the tropics into southern areas of the country.

The cyclone season runs from November to April.

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