Mackay bike speed left no chance of survival

Richard Dinnen - Queensland Editor |

It’s often said police see some unbelievable things on duty. The Mackay Highway Patrol had such a moment on Sunday afternoon.

They were doing mobile speed enforcement patrols on the Mackay Eungellla Road near Pleystowe.

A motorcycle went by, heading east, allegedly doing 224 kilometres an hour in a 90 zone, 134 kilometres over the limit.

Senior Constable Steve Smith from the Mackay crime prevention unit said the speed was a danger to the rider and other road users.

“At this alleged speed, there is no chance of surviving even the smallest unexpected circumstance like striking a pothole, driving through water on the road, or simply having a car pull out in front of you.

“I can offer no explanation on what could possibly help a person think that this speed is safe for either themselves or any other motorist who they may strike on the road.

“We need to speak with this rider, for everyone’s sake.”

The police crew decided they had no realistic chance of turning and intercepting the rider, and later efforts to find the person in Mackay were not successful.

Police have asked anyone with relevant information or dashcam footage to contact them.