Man attacks Qld medics, steals ambulance

Robyn Wuth |

A man on his way to hospital has attacked two Queensland paramedics before stealing their ambulance south of Bundaberg. 

The 56-year-old man was being treated by paramedics at Buxton around 10.30pm on Saturday, police say. 

The patient turned on the officers, first attacking a male paramedic by punching him in the head. 

He then threw an item at the female officer who was driving, forcing her to stop by the side of the road, abandoning the ambulance. 

The paramedics “tactically withdrew”, calling for police backup as the patient took off in the emergency vehicle. 

Police found the ambulance a short distance away where the 56-year-old male patient was arrested.

The male paramedic suffered minor injuries while his partner escaped injury.

The patient is expected to face charges of assault.