ACT records record of 926 COVID-19 cases

Andrew Brown |

COVID-19 infections have surged again to record levels in the ACT, with 926 new cases reported.

Tuesday’s new cases are nearly double that of the previous high of 514 that was recorded the previous day.

Hospitalisations in the capital have also increased in the past day, rising from 11 to 13, however the number of patients being treated in intensive care has dropped from two to one.

One patient is also on a ventilator.

ACT health authorities said 3485 tests were conducted at government-run clinics.

The testing number is expected to be higher once private clinics are taken into account.

Large queues were seen at testing sites across Canberra, with some being turned away due to capacity being reached.

One of the ACT testing clinics in the city’s north will also be closed on Tuesday due to a power outage resulting from a storm on Monday night.