Blues’ Robson ready to ‘hate’ his Cowboys teammates

Scott Bailey |

Club loyalties will be put firmly to one side at State of Origin for NSW’s Cowboy Reece Robson.
Club loyalties will be put firmly to one side at State of Origin for NSW’s Cowboy Reece Robson.

NSW hooker Reece Robson says his tight bond with his North Queensland teammates will turn to an immediate hatred the moment he sees them in a Maroons jersey.

No player typifies the State of Origin mantra of ‘mate against mate, state against state’ more than Robson this week, with five Cowboys on Queensland’s team.

A born-and-bred New South Welshman, Robson has made a home in North Queensland since establishing himself as a first-grader there in 2020.

But with clubmates Valentine Holmes, Murray Taulagi, Tom Dearden, Reuben Cotter and Jeremiah Nanai all lining up against the Blues, Robson said he would find it easy to flick the switch.

“They’ve got a maroon jersey on. The hate comes with it,” Robson said.

“I find it very easy. It’s a bit of a theme that we spoke about this week. And it’s probably just as important for myself as anyone else in the side.

“It’s leaving the club at the front door when you get into these camps – I find it pretty easy to set that aside.

“They’re just another fella in a maroon jersey at the end of the day. Not too much goes through my head about teammates and stuff like that.

“My teammates are the ones who are in the blue jersey beside me this week, and for the whole series.”

Valentine Holmes (left) and Reece Robson (right).
There will be no Origin love lost between Cowboys Valentine Holmes (left) and Reece Robson (right). (Dan Himbrechts/AAP PHOTOS)

Robson is also ready to use some of his club knowledge to his advantage.

He knows as well as anyone what Dearden has to offer, and that the Maroons five-eighth shouldn’t be taken lightly while filling in for the injured Cameron Munster.

“He has been in really good form and he’ll be pretty vital for them next Wednesday night,” Robson said.

“No one’s going to underestimate anyone and we’re going to be working together to make sure we prevent any of their dangerous players coming to life.

“He’s got big shoes to fill there with Munster being out, and he plays a fair bit different to Munster too.

“There is a little bit of a different dynamic to their side.

“But we’ll do a video on that and prepare as best we can to prevent a lot of his strike weapons in the game.”