Lions’ Zorko to address Answerth after ‘crybaby’ sign

Oliver Caffrey |

Noah Answerth gave an unsportsmanlike gesture during the Lions’ win over Melbourne.
Noah Answerth gave an unsportsmanlike gesture during the Lions’ win over Melbourne.

Brisbane Lions veteran Dayne Zorko has criticised teammate Noah Answerth’s unsportsmanlike gesture in the club’s stunning 22-point triumph over Melbourne.

Answerth mocked Petty with a “crybaby” gesture during the last quarter after the Demons forward missed a shot at goal at the MCG.

The Lions defender appeared to be referencing an altercation between Petty and Zorko during a game in 2022 that left the Melbourne player in tears.

Dayne Zorko said he would have a word with Answerth about his gesture. (Darren England/AAP PHOTOS)

Zorko, who was booed by Demons supporters every time he had the ball on Thursday night, was not aware of the incident, but openly addressed it.

“I’ll probably go have a word to him, that’s obviously not the way we want to win,” the 35-year-old former Lions captain told ABC Radio.

“Heat of the moment, stuff happens. I’m sure he’d have fixed it up after the game.”

Melbourne defender Jake Lever said it shouldn’t be part of the game.

“He had a tough time up there a few years ago and as a player, you don’t know what others are going through,” Lever told the Seven Network.

“I think footy’s cleaned up that sort of act.”

Melbourne coach Simon Goodwin said he wasn’t aware of the incident and was unwilling to offer his opinion.

“I didn’t see it, what happened? Probably ask Fages (Lions coach Chris Fagan) when he comes in, that’s up to them,” Goodwin said.

Fagan also said he hadn’t seen the incident before he came into his press conference.

“Got to be really careful on that sort of thing so I’ll let that one through to the keeper, if that’s OK,” he said.