Broncos still own Suncorp: Staggs’ message to Dolphins

Joel Gould |

Brisbane centre Kotoni Staggs (left) insists the Broncos, not the Dolphins, own Suncorp Stadium.
Brisbane centre Kotoni Staggs (left) insists the Broncos, not the Dolphins, own Suncorp Stadium.

Kotoni Staggs has lit the fuse for an explosive “Battle of Brisbane” showdown with the Dolphins at Suncorp Stadium, doubling down on his emotional “this is our home” outburst from last year. 

The Dolphins and Broncos share Suncorp Stadium as the designated official home ground for both teams.

Broncos centre Staggs has a different opinion.

Last year in round four he raced 100 metres in the 77th minute to score and secure an 18-12 win, before pointing at the hallowed turf and yelling out “This is our home”.

Staggs admitted after the game there may have been an expletive thrown in.

The representative centre was reminded of his emotive outburst on Monday after training. 

“That wasn’t really planned,” Staggs said.

“Once I scored that try it just came to me. It was the first game we ever played against the Dolphins and I just wanted to let them know who owned Suncorp.”

That statement won’t go unnoticed by the Dolphins, who play out of the home dressing rooms when they host matches at the venue, although it will be a Broncos home game on Friday night.

The Dolphins are co-tenants, as CEO Terry Reader pointed out last season. 

Staggs said the clash would excite the city of Brisbane’s league fans. For him, playing for the Broncos is a life dream, which explains his passion for the jersey.

“The two teams will go at it,” he said. 

“It is just the way it is all built up during the week and by the fans.

“I have been a Bronco since day one. I followed them as a kid and always wanted to play here. I have been here my whole career now and I love this club, what we are about and what we are trying to build.”

Staggs, 25, made his Test debut for Australia last year, and played one State of Origin game for NSW in 2022.

He wants to add to that tally this season under new coach Michael Maguire.

“I’d love to put that Blues jersey on again,” Staggs said.

Staggs is playing tougher than ever. In the 34-32 loss to Melbourne last week he made three hit-ups in the same set of six to show where his mindset is at.

“As a leader at the club I want to show actions like that to get the other boys going,” he said.

“If that means I have to take three carries to get them hyped up I will.

“This week we just want to fix up a couple of things we didn’t do right against Melbourne. Our focus is our defence, and if we get everything right it should fall into place.”