Dingoes put the bite on more tourists on Qld island

Callum Godde |

Rangers will step up patrols on K’gari after two more incidents involving dingoes.
Rangers will step up patrols on K’gari after two more incidents involving dingoes.

Two tourists have become the latest victims of dingo bites on the Queensland island of K’gari with six incidents in as many weeks.

An 18-year-old woman was walking to Lake Wabby on Saturday afternoon as part of a tour group when a tagged dingo bit her on the back of her left leg.

She suffered puncture marks around her left knee and was treated by paramedics.

About five hours later, a person on a separate tour was mouthed or nipped by a dingo on the beachfront near Dilli Village.

Queensland Parks and Wildlife Service rangers will step up patrols in the areas and attempt to contact the tourists.

The incidents are the latest in a spate of dingo attacks on K’gari, formerly known as Fraser Island.

A young boy was bitten at a campsite on the western side of the island and taken to Hervey Bay Hospital for treatment on February 3.

A man was bitten on the back of his leg on January 15 while standing next to his car in the Hook Point barge area.

Three days before that, a primary school-aged girl was taken to hospital with significant leg injuries after she was bitten multiple times while swimming near Hook Point.

A seven-year-old girl was also bitten on January 4 after her mother tried to take a photo of a dingo.

There have been at least nine dingo-related incidents on K’gari since December 10, six involving children.

Visitors to K’gari have been reminded to travel in groups and always stay within arm’s reach of children and young teens.

Campers should lock and store food in secure containers located separate from a tent along with rubbish, fish or bait, and never feed the animals.

Visitors should avoid running or jogging, which can trigger negative dingo responses.