5 Lunchbox ideas for back to school

Emma Vuletic |

With these ideas you won’t get boxed in by the daily lunch grind. 

This three-ingredient banana muffin recipe is easy to make and freeze. Banana, yogurt and flour provide calcium and magnesium without any naughty hidden doses of sugar.

We love these star-shaped sandwiches with cream cheese, brown bread and pesto. The cute stellar shape will inspire both your children’s appetite and sense of wonder. 

Choice magazine recently explored how freezing sandwiches in advance saves time. Cool tip: the sandwich must be fully wrapped to avoid what’s known in the game as freezer burn. 

This BLT pasta salad gives big kids two of their five-a-day and is easy to make with last night’s pasta. Bacon, spinach and cherry tomatoes will quell hunger pains. 

Trying to avoid sandwiches and nuts? Create a hummus and pita situation in a bento style lunch box and you’ll cover all your bases – protein, veg, healthy fats and carbs.