Plea over postie pooch attacks, small doggos the worst

Melissa Meehan |

More than 55 posties a week are being attacked by dogs while on the job, sparking calls for dog owners to call their hounds to heel.

Australia Post says there has been an alarming 11 dog-related incidents a day over the last six months. 

Queensland continues to record the highest number of incidents with 466 incidents in the past six months, followed by NSW with 408 and Western Australia with 215.

While no single dog breed is more likely to attack than another, Australia Post says it’s smaller dogs that are the most aggressive. 

Dogs in costume participate in the Doggywood Pageant dog show
Small breeds are in the dog house, named as the worst in show when it comes to harassing posties. (Steven Saphore/AAP PHOTOS)

Australia Post General Manager of Safety and Wellbeing, Rod Maule, called on dog owners to take responsibility for their pets. 

“Our team members just want to be able to deliver for our customers, without being attacked, harassed, or chased by dogs,” Mr Maule said on Monday. 

“Posties will not make a delivery if it is unsafe for them to do so and will cease deliveries to a customer’s home until the danger is fixed.”

Australia Post data has found that half of all incidents are taking place on customers’ properties, with almost a third occurring at the front door. 

Of particular concern are dog bites during letter deliveries, with 15 per cent of incidents occurring when a postie puts mail in a letterbox. 

Australia Post also reports dog-related incidents to relevant local councils to ensure enforcement is actioned.