After McGowan exit, Palaszczuk insists she has energy

Fraser Barton |

Queensland premier Annastacia Palaszczuk insists she still has the energy for the top job following the shock resignation of West Australian counterpart Mark McGowan.

Mr McGowan on Monday announced he was stepping down from WA’s helm citing exhaustion after nearly three decades in politics.

But Ms Palaszczuk said she still had enough in the tank to take her government to the next election in October next year.

“The energy I get is from the people in this state,” she told reporters while helping to commission a $48 million upgrade to the recycling facility on Gibson Island.

“I have the energy to keep going and I look forward to continuing to serve this state in the lead-up to the next election.”

Ms Palaszczuk has been premier since 2015, with Mr McGowan leading WA since 2017.

Both led their states through the COVID-19 pandemic.

The premier wished Mr McGowan well and said he was dignified, respected and she enjoyed working with him through national cabinet.

“He was someone I could talk to during the pandemic, always contributed exceptionally well to national cabinet and was a fierce advocate in protecting people who lived in Western Australia,” she said. 

“What it does show is these jobs, through a whole range of the 24/7 news cycle, are very busy jobs and people need to understand that politicians and premiers are only human.”