Cop who cuffed ‘crying’ Latrell Mitchell back in court

Alex Mitchell |

A police officer who handcuffed NRL superstar Latrell Mitchell while he was crying out in pain is preparing to face a grilling in court.

First Constable Jack Bigmore will continue giving evidence in ACT Magistrates Court as Mitchell and future South Sydney teammate Jack Wighton defend themselves against fighting and other charges.

It is the last of the hearing’s scheduled three days, although it is unlikely the case will be completed by the end of Wednesday.

Const Bigmore told the court on Tuesday he saw Mitchell “assault three people in the space of five or 10 seconds”, before performing an arm-bar takedown on the Rabbitohs fullback.

He alleged one of the men Mitchell assaulted was Wighton, with both men facing a charge of fighting in a public place.

Mitchell complied with police and dropped to his knees and onto his stomach, but allegedly kept his hands locked to stop officers handcuffing him, the court heard.

Const Bigmore acknowledged he heard Mitchell crying out in pain while he cuffed him, before he took him to the police station.

Camera footage played in court earlier showed Mitchell’s mates pleading with police to ease up in their treatment, with one remarking “that’s police brutality”.

The group had been at Canberra nightclub Fiction celebrating Wighton’s 30th birthday, before they spilled onto the street when the former Raider was removed from the venue for alleged aggressive behaviour.

But the police officer who accused Wighton of the aggressive conduct – Sergeant David Power – admitted he gave false evidence in court after the player’s lawyer walked him through the timeline via CCTV footage.

After Sgt Power also admitted grouping with the eight other police present to solidify a story, Wighton’s lawyer Steve Boland accused him of framing his client.

“It is orchestrated what you did, every step of the way … you tried to have this man and his mate arrested on criminal offences when there was poison at the root of the case,” he told the court.

Mitchell, 25, is charged with affray, fighting in a public place and resisting a territory official, while Wighton, 30, is charged with fighting in a public place and failing to comply with an exclusion direction.

Both have pleaded not guilty to all charges.