Festive Cheers from Billycart’s Brews for Federal MP’s

Nick |

Kennedy MP Bob Katter is set to elevate the celebration with the refreshing offerings of Atherton’s Billycart Brewing Co. The Far North Queensland craft brewery presenting their craft beers to crossbenchers with Mr Katter enthusiastic stating  “This is pure Australian beer, so when the politicians get a bit of a hit at the party, not only will they get an Australian hit, but they might get a bit of fire in their souls.” 

Representing Billycart Brewing Co, MP Bob Katter will share the brewery’s signature beers—Uber Crisp lager, Hillbilly IPA, and Tropical pale ale. Embracing the crossbench Christmas party tradition, Katter collaborates with Billycart owners Matt Bradford and Margaret Barker to design a festive wraparound label for the beer cans. These special wraparound label, featuring the veteran MP with boxing gloves, setting a fun tone for a festive Christmas party.

Katter expressed his excitement at showcasing the North Queensland beer on the federal stage with a playful warning about the potential side effects of indulging in the beverage. “If you drink good North Queensland beer, as I did one night, I woke up the next morning – the proud half-owner of 500,000 acres in property. So how about that hey, that’s what beer does,” Mr Katter said.

The husband-and-wife team behind Billycart Brewing Co, Matt Bradford and Margaret Barker, ventured into brewing in April 2022. Armed with backgrounds in botany, soil science, and marketing, the duo uses their scientific expertise and passion for brewing beer to generate popularity and maintain a high quality to their beers.

As a scientist at heart, Matt Bradford finds joy in applying research skills, methodical procedures, and knowledge to the craft beer venture. “We strive for fresh, approachable beers,” he says, drawing inspiration from the German model of brewing.